Technology and the Future of Lawyers

  These days it’s difficult to find an industry that is not affected by advances in technology. The legal industry is no exception, as tech innovations continue to offer lawyers more tools, additional opportunities – and threats to their necessity. Here are several of the most interesting ways technology is affecting modern day legal services, [...]

5 Must-Do’s For The New Entrepreneur

New entrepreneurs instantly embark on a fulfilling but challenging journey the moment they start their budding venture. Gaining business know-how can take days, months or years of real world practice depending on how open you are to receiving good advice from experienced entrepreneurs. Be open to change. Nimble business owners spot trends quickly. Honoring changing [...]

Ghost- A New Blogging Platform

WordPress and Blogspot are two names synonym to the blogger industry. These two services are so popular that as soon as you hear the name blog, it immediately paints a picture of either a WordPress blog or a Blogspot blog. Both of these services started out as simple and clean blogging frameworks but as of [...]

How Google Plans To Map The Entire World

Google has long been at the forefront of acquiring and cataloguing vast swaths of information around the world. Google Maps is a GPS technology used on most smartphones around the world, and provides its users with the ability to get driving or walking directions almost anywhere on earth. Google Earth was a more ambitious (if [...]

Starting A Small Business While Eating Lunch

Can it be possible? Can you literally begin a business all while eating Subway or something like that? Literally, you can. It can actually take you only a few hours or so to get a business going. It seems far-fetched. You might find a bunch of people talking up a lot of craziness over the [...]