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What Are Unified Communications?

If you are anything like me, then you have probably heard the term unified communications and wondered what the heck is that? What if I told you that I was willing to bet that you have used unified communications every day? Does that peak your curiosity? Have you ever sent someone an IM, left someone a voicemail or sent an email? If you have then you have used a few of the products that make up unified communications. That’s right, I said a few. Truth be told, as the name suggest, it is the way we use technology to connect with other people.

Once upon a time a child would grow up and leave their parents for greener pastures. When they got in trouble or needed to hear moms voice it wasn’t easy. They had one option really: to write a letter. Now this letter would take months to get there if it got back home at all. Maybe the stage got help up or it got sent to the wrong place, logistics in a way that we don’t think about today. Now if a child want’s to talk to mom, they send an IM (instant message), pick up the phone or send a text. They can talk with their parents immediately from halfway around the world. This is the benefit unified communications can offer.

What Are Unified Communications?

So what makes up unified communications? Since it is more of an idea than a product, unified communications has different definitions depending on the person. Technology makes unified communications possible of that there is no doubt. It might be best to split it into two different categories instantaneous and not instantaneous.

Email is a great example of not instantaneous unified communications. Granted sometimes it may become that way, but email is not instant back and forth communication. A fax is another great example because it is sent and then not instantly communicated back. You make a phone call and no answer so you leave a voicemail. Voicemail is not instantaneous because you did not talk to that person straightaway. Fax, email, text messages (SMS), voicemail are all examples of not instantaneous. But all of these examples are ways that you communicate with people in an unified way.

Video conferences are instantaneous because you are talking to that person or group of people back and forth rapidly. There is no delay in the communication process. Instant message is another obvious choice because it is a back a forth conversation. A good idea of instant unified communications is IM, video conferencing, call control, and data sharing. These products happen in real-time. Just another technology is used to enhance communication.

So next time that you hear the term unified communications don’t scratch your head. Remember that it is just a fancy term that means using technology to communicate. It is all about the way people stay connected and together. Unified communications allow people to come together for a common goal. After all, why wait when technology can help?

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Five Business Tips That Will Take You To Success

Running a business is a real challenge, especially for those who have not tried entrepreneurship before. Entrepreneurship is not for the lazy and faint hearted. If you want to be a successful business person, you have to persevere, work hard and make use of the right business tips.

When you are an entrepreneur, there is no limit to how much you can earn from your business. Your earnings depend on your effort. If you are already in business or if you are planning to start a new business, here are 5 business tips that will help you run a successful business;

1.  Love your work

There is high possibility of success when you are doing something that you love. Therefore, if you are planning to start a business, choose something that is in line with your passion and interest. When you are passionate with what you are doing, it will never seem like work. You will love your job, and you will be eager to wake up every day to go do things that will contribute to success of your business. When you do something that you don’t love on the other hand, you will not have the motivation and self-drive required to make it successful. Without motivation and self-drive, you are destined to fail.

2.  Focus on quality

To succeed in business, you have to offer quality goods or services to your customers. You should never compromise quality for anything. When customers are happy with the goods or services that you are providing to them, they will want to come back for more. They will also spread news about your business to other people, which will in turn drive more customers to you. Therefore, focus on quality if you want to retain the existing customers and attract new ones. Always seek reviews from the customers so that you can be able to improve your products.

3.  Hire exceptional people and give them rewards when they achieve something

The people that you work with play a major role towards the success of your business. Make sure that you hire only exceptionally skilled people to work with as a team. Don’t just hire anyone. Interview people and check their qualifications before giving them a job. To keep the employees motivated, reward them when they achieve something for the business. Rewarding employees also helps to make them feel valued and as part of the business.

4.  Don’t be intimidated by anyone

There will obviously be other larger business offering the same type of goods and services that you are offering. Don’t let them intimidate you. Remember, they too started small before they reached where they are now. Even an expert was a newbie at some point.

5.  Work towards significance, not success

If you want success, don’t make success your goal. Instead, focus on working towards significance. If you focus more on being significant in your line of business while worrying less about success, you will be followed by success naturally.

With these business tips in mind, success will just be around the corner. Don’t be afraid to fail and work harder than everyone else. If you persist, you will eventually be successful.

John Chen is a travel writer currently located in Thailand. He likes writing about Thailand and he writes not only about traveling in Thailand, but also about business, culture, economy and food. If you need a serviced or virtual office in Thailand, visit Servcorp.

Genius GX Gaming SP-i250G Portable Stereo Gaming Speakers

When it comes to sound, one really has to consider what it is required for. Most people who listen to music or play games will use headphones in an environment where others may be bothered. But every now and then, a good set of speakers comes in extremely handy. And a good set of portable speakers even more so.

The SP-i250G stereo speaker set makes up part of Genius’s GX Gaming range. As such, they are identified as speakers for gaming but, unlike a mouse or even a headset (which generally incorporates a mic for gaming, but even then isn’t all that exclusive to the pass-time) speakers really don’t fall into a category for gaming or non-gaming. Let’s be brutally honest. They’re speakers.

They produce sound, whether for gaming, music, movies or whatever else you may need audio for. Identifying these as portable gaming speakers is a bit of a stretch. But let’s set the marketing stuff aside and take a look at the speakers themselves. The SP-i250G set is comprised of a pair of satellite speakers that are powered by 40mm neodymium drivers. They’re omnidirectional and rechargeable, with a USB plug supplying power and connection to the chosen device they will be used with. In addition, the cable handily incorporates a 3.5mm jack as well, for added versatility. You can use these babies with virtually anything.

Each is individually turned on and off, and volume is adjusted individually too, via a large ring that runs along the whole outside of the speakers. It takes a little extra work to get your volume balanced, but it is not too difficult to master. What’ trickier is determining which speaker is going to produce which channel – left or right. Because they individually plug onto the cable, one would have hoped that the cable would indicate channel, but no such luck. OK, so switching the two around is easy enough, but it would have been nice to have an indication right off the bat.

Genius GX Gaming SP-i250G Portable Stereo Gaming Speakers

Each speaker outputs 3 watts of sound, which means that they’re not exceptionally loud. The audio is crisp, though, and the omnidirectional design of the speakers means that they can deliver decent performance. The bass notes, unfortunately, are a little light… we have seen Genius make better use of 40mm neodymium drivers in their Cavimanus headset, also reviewed in this issue.

These speakers deliver a decent amount of battery life, but lack some of the bells and whistles of other, similar products. They have no wireless connection options, for a start, and come down to being very simple. If you need to make use of speakers while gaming, listening to music or anything else, they will certainly get the job done… but they don’t necessarily trump a good set of headphones.


They’re not a bad set of speakers, but their simplicity might not appeal to some. They’re very versatile, though…

Manufacturer: Genius

Distributer: TVR Computers


Tech Specs:

  • Stereo
  • Rechargeable
  • USB / 3.5mm jack compatible
  • 40mm drivers


  • Very portable
  • Easy to connect
  • Good battery life


  • No wireless options
  • No channel indication

Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Staying competitive in the PC peripheral market can be a tough job. This is especially true when it comes to peripherals and controllers aimed at video games, and is particularly true in the case of the not-sohumble mouse. The market is packed to bursting with great brands and fantastic devices, and with the combination of innovative design and aggressive marketing, making a dent is difficult.

Reputation helps, of course, and Logitech is relying heavily on past glories to ensure that they remain relevant in an increasingly-competitive arena. But with products like the G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse – which forms part of their “newlook” gaming peripheral stable – that shouldn’t be too difficult.

It does bear mentioning that gaming mouse devices fall into sub-categories, even if they pretty much all do the same thing in principle. The G602, for example, falls into a category that appeals to players of MMORPG titles. In other words, it features more than the usual amount of buttons, taking as much control away from the keyboard as space allows, and giving it to the mouse. With 11 control inputs, it isn’t the most we have seen crammed on to a Logitech mouse, but the button placement on the G602 is far more sensible than some of their previous efforts.

While it is still friendlier to those with bigger hands, the eight extra buttons are well-positioned for easy access. Six are arranged in two rows on the left hand side of the mouse – effectively turning it into a right-handed only device – and two are arranged at the upper, outer side of the main left mouse button.

Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

The G602 offers a distinctive look, too. It possesses a stylish asymmetrical design that sees the right button jut out further than the left, and a generous thumb rest is positioned below the left side buttons. This gives the mouse an overall scifi and certainly serious appearance.

And it performs remarkably well, considering that it is a wireless mouse. While most gamers will generally opt for a cabled device, Logitech have been making almost-lag-free wireless gaming mice for ages, and that technology continues in to this product. It features two modes (performance and endurance) which either ups the DPI to 2500 (performance) or maximises battery life by dropping the DPI to 250. There isn’t much in-between, which won’t sit well with those who tweak multiple DPI settings for optimal performance. At 2500 DPI, it also isn’t the most sensitive mouse around. But for its intended purpose – playing MMORPGs or strategy titles – the sensitivity is perfectly fine. It is also finished with materials that lead to greater levels of comfort. The G602 may not be the most sensitive mouse around, but it does the job well enough to be a good option.


While not the most sensitive mouse around, the G602 is great for things like real-time strategy and MMORPG gaming.

Manufacturer: Logitech

Distributer: Logitech


Tech Specs:

  • 2500 dpi resolution
  • Up to 1440 hours battery life
  • Performance / Endurance modes
  • 11 programmable controls
  • Wireless USB reciever


  • Great battery life
  • Awesome looks
  • Excellent materials


  • Not very sensitive

How To Watch 3D Movies At home In A Simple Way With Great Experience.

In these Days to purchase a 3D Television or 3D Projector is difficult. For a common people it’s really difficult for. They can’t expense that much money

Watching 3D movies is a great experience. But you need to spend some money for better experience. You will watch 3D movies only once in a while, Sometime your favourite movie will be released when you don’t have proper time to watch. But who ever watched 3D Movies will never ever forget that moment. At the same time you want to see it in your home and scream like hell. But will that be possible to watch in.

There are many easy ways to watch 3D movies in home, but there is much better and easy way to watch them. But all you need is a proper internet connection and PC.

Step 1 :

Simple way where to download 3D movies, you need to download a Torrentz Client where you can access many movies to download, not only movie all different kind of applications, games, what ever it may be you can find out there.

You need to search for 3D Movies and Download them from Torrentz , How to find that which you Downloaded is a 3D Movie, when you play a 3D Movie it must show two frames in it.

This is the best example of 3D movie Video File.How to watch 3D movies at home in a simple way with great experience.

Step 2 :

Then Next you Need to Download another application which actually plays 3D Movie in your PC or PC Projector.

You Need to Download KMP Player which is updated with 3D Version. Here in KMP Player there are many setting you need to know. After installing KMP Player on your PC you are almost Done with it. And go further.

This video shows you a good example to watch 3D Movies.

It’s all simple if only you had these applications Torrentz and KMP player in your Pc. Try to download high quality. You may find the best quality movies in torrentz is YIFY site. This blog also access torrentz client application.

Step 3 :

The main and last thing to do is you need to find or Buy a 3d Glasses which is not much expensive.

Yes this is all you need to buy for a better experience. You can find this glass in any stores. This glass gives you really great experience which you cannot believe. Just give it a try to do this. This is for sure you will have the same feeling that you found in big theatres.

For a better experience you need to have a big television or screen Monitor which are connected or operated by you CPU.