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Portable Server Racks For Businesses On The Move

No two companies have the same networking and server needs. Each company has different sized data centers, varying types of equipment, and varied operational growth. So it stands to reason that they may not require the same type of server racks for their equipment. While larger companies need permanent server racks to stand as a testament to their computing greatness, many smaller companies are seeking out portable server racks to house their equipment.

Portable Server Racks For Businesses On The Move

Portability Is Key For Server Racks

Smaller businesses simply don’t need the huge 42U and 44U server racks in their building. The racks take up too much valuable space that is better used for other equipment and office personnel. If they are constantly moving to different offices, the unhooking of cables, wires and mounted equipment from regular stationary racks takes up too much time and wasted effort.

Portable server racks are the better alternative to when both space and movability are key factors in your company. Portable racks come in sizes from 8U (14 inches) to 20U (35 inches) when you only need to house a few servers and related computer equipment. They are lightweight yet durable, as you can stack racks on top of each other to maximize on room space. Many racks have spring-loaded handles and optional casters as they can easily be shifted to other places.

Benefits of Portable Server Racks

There are several key benefits to portable server racks that may convince you this is the best option for your company. Consider all your choices and then invest in the right server racks for your computing operations.

Optimize Room Space

Some small companies can’t dedicate a whole room or office level for a data center. When the office has to combine different office departments, a portable server rack may be the better choice. The server rack can be placed under a desk or on top of a small filing cabinet to optimize room space.

House Other Equipment

Besides computer servers, you can also house surveillance equipment and other electronic items in the portable rack. By combining your electronic storage needs, it allows you to keep all your equipment in a safe place as you can move it when you need to use the equipment.

Change Office Locations Without Dismantling the Rack

Ask your IT technician what the biggest hassle they have to deal with is when moving the computer network to a different building. The technician will talk about dismantling all the equipment in a stationary rack. From unplugging wires to unscrewing mounted equipment, it’s a frustrating hassle. With portable server racks, all the equipment can stay inside the cabinet. Just move everything at once as it will take less time to set up equipment and get computer operations running at the new office location.

Affordability Seals The Deal With Portable Racks

Some smaller companies don’t have the money in their office budget to invest in larger rack systems.Portable racks are more cost-effective when a business doesn’t have tons of equipment to store. They can save money better spent in keeping their computer operations functional.

+Katrina is a product specialist for solving issues for your computer server and power needs.

Growing Your Business By Getting More Youtube Views

The majority of individuals nowadays browse the web for info and amusement. One internet site they frequently gain access to for each of this is YouTube. The video-sharing site is rated amongst the most prominent internet sites these days. In addition to being a web site for online videos, it likewise has its very own standard. Participants of the website consist of movie manufacturers, company owner as well as casual performers. Everybody that has actually uploaded an online video on the internet site seeks something: to gather additional views because they are important.

It is an appropriate means for individuals to gather even more direct exposure quickly. Also well-liked men and women (film stars and musicians) and huge companies are understood to get YouTube views to enhance their video clips online exposure and obtain additional website traffic. You could purchase YouTube Views from a reliable service provider and enjoy the feeling of your video going viral. This method delivers excellence you can be a part of the popularity by getting more and more views.

Should you really Waste Time in looking for YouTube Views?

The answer is YES!! You may think that producing excellent marketing video clips and publishing them on YouTube would certainly suffice to advertise your company. To start with your video clip will have really reduced views, and it would be challenging for you to draw in customers. Sometimes merely having a great online video is insufficient. An absence of views could make your marketing project unproductive.

Awaiting a rise in views is a tiresome and slow-moving procedure. It might take months to have a considerable viewership. You could prevent this issue by merely acquiring YouTube views from a reliable source such as: .

Growing Your Business By Getting More Youtube Views

This would Certainly enable you to Enjoy some Extra Perks Like:

  • Make a Mark for on your Own

The support of good friends, loved ones, completely satisfied consumers, already existing fans on various other social networking websites, and various other well-wishers you could raise the viewership for your YouTube video clips. This is not adequate to differentiate on your own from the thousands various other online videos on YouTube. To actually make a mark and have greater sales, you would certainly require if not more up to 1000 or more views. After buying these views you will surely see a difference in having a greater preliminary viewership.

  • Go Viral

We usually come across success stories overnight, such as vocalists and latest movie releases going viral and expect the same for our business videos. The current video of “Gangnam Style” is an example of the power of social networking. Analysis shows that individuals are a lot more likely to see and share online videos that currently have a higher number of views. By acquiring maximum YouTube views you will certainly accelerate this procedure. With a greater viewership, individuals will easily subscribe and see more of your updates and recommend you to their family and friends.

  • Gain Perks Right Away

As stated previously, when you purchase YouTube views, Subscribers and likes come for free. You acquire higher presence considerably quicker, compared to what if you awaited your viewership to create gradually. Buying views online is a much easier and quicker solution to get viral on the web.

Get a much better ranking on popular search engine. Online videos that have greater views usually appear in the very first web page of online search engine outcomes. Several online video profiling plans, video clip gateways, and blog sites likewise rank an online video by the number of views it has. With YouTube views, you enhance the possibility of possible clients discovering your video clips and ultimately improving your sales.

Effective Service To Customers With These Tools

In today’s business climate, there are a few good reasons as to why every small business owner should invest more time and energy into customer support services. Online tools can be integrated into your business processes to improve customer retention, satisfaction and cross-selling opportunities. Whether you outsource customer care to a call center or handle customer support in-house, here are ten tools to help you recognize the basics and provide the best customer support experience for your small business.

Zen Desk

Help desk and ticket support software provided by Zendesk, offers a web-based customer support system to organize, prioritize and engage with others on support requests to ensure customers get accurate and timely responses.


All-in-one customer support toolkit, Assistly, seeks to help small businesses improve support and deliver better customer service ‘out of the box’ in a socially-networked world. Manage all of your customer interactions via email, phone, Facebook, Twitter, in one place — real time, 24/7.

Zoho Support

Prioritize, manage and close customer support requests with Zoho Support — a web-based help desk software. Build and publish support knowledge bases, analyze and improve the performance of your customer support team, provide customer portals and more.

A recent industry newcomer, Freshdesk is a web-based help desk software that allows small businesses to support customers over email, phone, the web, Twitter and your company’s Facebook page.

Effective Service To Customers With These Tools

Get Satisfaction

Online community software,, claims to help brands solve problems, give a voice to champion, bring out the best ideas and drive better business. The web-based tool enables small businesses to build online communities that facilitate conversations between them and their customers, provide a more social support experience, build better products, increase SEO and improve customer loyalty.


From feature requests and feedback to online ticket systems, UserVoice’s engagement tools provide hosted feedback forums, to allow customers to create, discuss, and vote for ideas. The online software also provides support systems that allow you to answer customer inquiries quickly and with minimal effort.

Trouble Ticket Express

As is the case with chat boxes, there are free ticket tracking systems, as well. Trouble Ticket Express is installed on your web server, and offers some of the same basic functionality as ZenDesk.

Here again, the free solution isn’t as robust as the paid solution, and there’s a bit of a knowledge curve you need to have to use Trouble Ticket Express. Still, it will allow you to do most of what you want, including:

  • Track customer service correspondence
  • Create an answer library
  • Monitor ticket statuses
  • And more.

Some of the functionality in trouble ticket express requires the one-time purchase of an add-on module.

Take The Hassle Out Of Calling A Customer Service Telephone Line

Calling customer service can sometimes seem like entering the circles of hell, with different numbers to choose and decisions to be made left right and centre. This is often unavoidable, but making sure you are ready when someone answers can make everything run much more smoothly and you will be out of the call quickly and making room for the next in the queue.

Take The Hassle Out Of Calling A Customer Service Telephone Line

So here are our tops tips for as hassle a free a call as possible so you can spend your time on more enjoyable things.

#1 – make a note of any numbers you need to quote

If you have a membership number, an order number, a tracking number or something of that kind, write it down in nice big letters on a clean sheet of paper. If you need glasses, this is particularly important. Don’t wait until you are in the call to start trying to decipher a form or a letter – if you need to call you should at least have these basics to hand.

Most customer service telephone line operators are able to look you up but why make it difficult for everyone? The sooner they know who you are and what’s happening, the sooner they can sort out your query or problem.

#2 – be civil but don’t waffle

There is no need to be abrupt but there is also no need to spend ten minutes talking about the weather. If an operator asks how you are it is doubtful that they want to know about your recent gall bladder surgery. Exchange brief pleasantries and then get down to solving your problem. If you know the date which is involved in the issue, say it clearly, not mixed up with phrases like ‘a week ago Tuesday’ because sometimes this kind of thing means different things to different people and isn’t helpful at all.

#3 – call from a decent phone

If possible, call from a nice clear landline but if all you have is a mobile, don’t call from the middle of a busy street. It gets very frustrating if neither you nor the operator can hear each other and if details are taken down wrongly it can make an already complicated situation far worse. If you have a pay as you go mobile, make sure you have plenty of credit but if you think it may run out, give your number to the operator.

Most companies are happy to phone back if it becomes necessary and it is certainly better than going back to the back of the queue.

#4 – don’t lose your temper

Perhaps this should be #1 because it is no use getting angry with anyone from customer services. It won’t progress anything and may result in the call being ended by the operator. Staying calm and stating the facts is a much more likely way to get your query addressed than shouting and if you ever need to go back later, having a recording of an abusive call from you will stand you in very poor stead indeed.

Article by Rebecca Fearn, a freelance copywriter who often writes for Every Contact Number.