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Revolutionary Gadget All Set To Hit The World In 2015: Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung founded in the year 1938 by Lee Byung-chulis a multinational South Korean company with its headquarters at Seoul. Samsung emerged as electronic industry in sixties. Founder’s death led to its division. In the year 2012 Samsung electronics was declared as the largest phone maker and it overtook Nokia which was leading the mobile market since 1998.In the year 2013 Samsung started the construction of largest factory of mobile phones in Vietnam. In October 2014 Samsung decided to build a chip plant in South Korea whose construction is planned in the year 2015 and in 2017 its production will also begin.

Samsung as a mobile Brand lies in heart of every Indian be it a basic phone, Android smartphone or a tablet. The most used phone is by default Samsung only. Over the years all of us have observed that Samsung has given a competition to all the leading brands in Smartphone industry.

What are Smartphones?

These are those mobile phones which have additional features as compared to basic phones which include connectivity and computing capability.

After the introduction of Samsung Galaxy the rule of Samsung in the mobile market was considered permanent. The sale of Samsung Galaxy S series has crossed more than 200 million after Samsung S5. Soon Samsung is going to astonish every single competitor with its new discovery which can be challenging for their existence with the new member in the Galaxy S series i.e., Samsung Galaxy S7

Revolutionary Gadget All Set To Hit The World In 2015: Samsung Galaxy S7


Samsung after analysing the market value of different Brand products will launch this new Samsung Galaxy S7 somewhere at the end of 2015.


Features demarcating S7 is the capacity which is comparable to our laptops that is around 4 GB RAM, 64bit Exynos processor, 128 GB internal capacities which however will be a great surprise for every competitor. The phone will be equipped with 30MP primary camera and 10MP front camera and Gigapixel will be add-on for shooting the pictures with more accuracy and clarity. It will have super amoled display of 5.5 inches. Waterproof, dustproof and 5G connectivity features are add on’s. Superfast Wi-Fi connectivity will help in boosting our browsing experience.


This unique gadget will be available in different countries at different prices and in India it will be available at Rupees 68,500.

All these superb features of Samsung Galaxy S7 are beyond anyone’s imagination. Each one of us wants this techno-freak to be released in the market as soon as possible. With the increasing technology the demand also increases but again all these features are not available in all Smartphones available in the market. Only big brands like Samsung or Apple can reach up to your expectations. Samsung maintains its own set of principles and its products are sold any retail outlets. So all the Samsung lovers are looking forward for the Samsung Galaxy S7 to be a big hit and consider themselves as proud owners of this amazing product.

Youtube Mp3 Songs

What is the rhythm of our lives? I think the answer is quite obvious and simple. It is music. Songs, that we love, make us feel happy or sad, help to overcome difficult situations and lead us to good mood. Songs bring hope to people, who are in deep depression. Songs like themes to different situations in our lives. Everybody had a feeling of nostalgia, when hear an associative with past times song. It is like a lighthouse which helps us to get rid of troubles and relax. Music itself can make us cry or dance. What are we without these magic charming sounds that accompany us to the world of magic and upper feelings?It is an oratorical question and I hope you all know the simple answer to this prosaic question. Today you have an opportunity to make you own music collection using youtube mp3 songs converter. It is very easy to use service that will help you to create wish playlist.

Youtube Mp3 Songs

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Choosing a Promotional Product for your Next Business Event

Business events are a unique opportunity to find out what your fellow business companions and rival are working on, as well as presenting your fresh ideas and achievements. If you want to present your company at such happenings means that you have to devise a smart concept to ensure that your results are displayed in an authentic and original way. Also, you have to produce an unforgettable picture in the minds of the visitors of that event, which will make them remember your business and some of your products. In a nutshell, you have to make visitors able to taste, touch, wear, smell or do whatever it takes to actually try and feel what you do. That can be achieved by preparing a certain amount of promotional products for the event you are getting ready to visit.

How To Make The Most Of Your Investment In Promotional Products

Adapt Products to Visitors

If you want to make your promotion memorable, you have to create a sort of a muzzle and observe the potential receivers of your products through that targeting device. If your business is still in its baby teeth period, you have to be smart when it comes to expenditure. That is why it is recommendable that the promotion tactics is oriented at a couple of important players who are also exhibiting at the event. What would be of greatest benefit for both the business and the promotion is making several one-on-one appointments with businesses that you would be glad to work with. Such more intimate occasions are a great chance for your promo packages. If your potential partner is not actually in the same field as you are, adapt your products to him or her. Prepare a package for the CEO(s), but also some freebies for their aides and associated, as well. Items such as lighters, notebooks or even USB flash drives are useful pieces of office equipment. Taken into consideration that business events can be quite exhausting and stressful, another good idea is including stress balls into those product promotion packages for your future business partners or clients.

How To Make The Most Of Your Investment In Promotional Products

Originality makes it Memorable

Of course that a certain amount of giveaway things must follow the middle-of-the-road pattern, but try to treat the most valuable colleagues to more unique promo products. This is even more recommendable when it comes to companies or business individuals with whom you have had long-lasting cooperation. Although it is not the only pre-condition for a successful partnership, such presents serve as a great binder and a sign of mutual respect. So, for those highly-valuable partners, you should have original and personalized business promo items. If you know that Pierre from Quebec, with whom you have been cooperating for a while, adores red wine, you can make an effort and prepare a set for tasting wine for him, with a personalized label on it. That is only an example how your established partners will see that you really care about your common future.

Throwing your money on many different promo things that will be equally carelessly pass on into to the nearest dust bin is a waste of your money and natural resources, too. For those willing to go for a more genuine and thriftier approach, personalization of business promo products is the right thing to do.

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