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Customizable US Postage Stamp Will Make You A Global Celebrity

Inventor and entrepreneur Ennar  Chilakapati has created a new opportunity for anyone to promote themselves or their products and services using an unlikely medium – the upper right hand corner of their mail.

Customizable US Postage Stamp Will Make You A Global Celebrity

USA Postage lets people customize postage stamps with their picture, a business logo, product announcement or to advertise upcoming events with stamps that are valid for use on official mail.

The company has received approval from the United States Postal Service (USPS) to become an Authorized Re-seller offering custom postage to individuals.

This means that small businesses and individuals can use this revolutionary new service to promote their brand all over the country and internationally.

Business users have several options to use a range of images to customize the stamp when sending mail to customers. With this medium, they are able to advise customers of new products, a sale event, or just brand the mail with their logo.

Customizable US Postage Stamp Will Make You A Global Celebrity

For personal use, the stamps can be customized with a wedding or baby announcement, to mark a special anniversary, to feature a special person or the family pet, or as a reminder of an important event.

The final product is a real stamp issued for the Postal Authority that can be used to send letters or packages locally and internationally, anywhere in the world. The stamps can also be given as unique gifts to family and friends for use as keep sakes.

Currently the service is only available to US residents. Customers can order stamps from the USA Postage website, and upload the desired image for customization.

Customizable US Postage Stamp Will Make You A Global Celebrity

The company is moving ahead with a strategic marketing campaign to promote the service across America. A crowd funding campaign was recently launched to raise $50,000 on Indiegogo to run the marketing campaign that will tell more people about the business.

Backers of USA Postage will receive special design sheets featuring their picture on real postage, along with complimentary items based on the category they choose to donate

For more information – Click hereIndiegogo campaign: http://igg.me/at/Aq3tC1aJWlk/x/9569209

Checklist While Applying For Home Loan

Home loan has been proven to be a boon for people who never dreamt of owning their own house or for the people who were struggling really hard to buy their own home. Home loans have brought people closer to their dream house and people are very impressed with the working and the functioning of these home loans. Home loan services are provided by the financial institutions or the banks working in the country with the help of and along with the reserve bank of India or the RBI or the central bank of India. Property loans work on the Emi system which means that you don’t have to pay the loan amount once but in division. Like every month a person has to pay some, minimum amount from the total home loan amount with some percent of interest.

Checklist While Applying For Home Loan

This interest on home loan services and any other type of loan services is a way of the financial institution to earn profit and make themselves better for the customer’s benefit. Now-a-days home loans are given not only to buy a house but also to renovate it or change its looks. Also the banks grant excess property loans than the price of the house so that the person can buy his furniture and everything he needs for the house in that loan amount and then slowly repay the total amount back to the bank after a fixed period of time. Also home loan services are given on a guarantee that you will pay the loan back and this guarantee is any person who works as the guarantor who will guarantee that if you fail to pay the loan then he will pay the loan or something like silver, gold or an expensive thing which will help them recover the loan if you fail to pay the loan.

Here is checklist you need to take care of before you apply for property loan or expect the bank to provide you some home loan services.

1) Make sure you have all the documents you need to apply for the property loan ready with you because you don’t want a chaos happening in front of the people who are sanctioning you the loan.

2) Before you look for a house or apply for a property loan check for your home loan eligibility by checking online on the home loan eligibility calculator. This calculator will ask for some of your private information like your salary and any pending Emi’s or something. Fill in the details in the boxes provided and then wait for the result to show which will show if you are eligible for the loan amount prescribed and how much is the loan amount that you can expect to successfully pay.

3) If you have any pending Emi’s then clear them off as soon as possible because banks generally deny loans to people who have pending Emi’s as they think this will be a burden to you if your salary shows that you cannot handle too many loans at a time and hence you will not be granted with their home loan services.

4) Check if you have any bad records with the government. The bank people check the government records and criminal records for if your name is mentioned them. Do not do things that will make the bank think if to rant a property loan to this person or not. After getting the loan avail the home loan services nicely.

These are the things that you should keep in mind before applying for property loan and home loan services.

Convergence Between Control and Management Benefits

However this still isn’t the entire concept of the convergence. we have to mix to the Home windows side from the processor for the horizontal stretch wrapper. As to the criticality, There’s possible a relatively pedestrian Pentium or maybe it’s a effective dual or perhaps quad core processor. It is not a really problem, because all your packaging requirement can easily be bought more benefit. The professional ability to manipulate horizontal stretch wrapper operation windows will be the important matter for operator. It usually has new variety of store stretch wrapping and operation programs that progressively need to do business with control.

This is when packagers intend to unlock the following round of game-altering enhancements to productivity. We’re already seeing it. The condition of servo technology in horizontal stretch wrapper is constantly on the advance with recent discoveries from automation providers, for example safe robot control, safe motion and distributed servo motor/drives. However horizontal packagers own good chance to reasonably marry control with factory management systems.

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So all of the productivity improving programs that typically operate on a standalone PCproduction arranging recipe management and there is electric room, OEE training videos, data historians and so oncan run using the pc area of the horizontal stretch wrapper machine control. They could be known as as required by an ailment within the control program to help plant floor personnel. Plus they is going to do it with immediacy, further step to periodic uploads to some data historian for offline analysis and future corrective action.

Technology companies came to date in charge especially motion that they’re great at syncing sub-nanosecond activities. Now it’s time for you to catch on the non-realtime side from the equation, it shows the stretch wrapping operation processes for operator.

Chinese Horizontal stretch wrapper with formerly stacking functions

Automation strategists will also be realizing that every new software functionality enhances not only its very own intended application such as a stronger secure machine has more uptime, but also its OEE amounts will get improve. Better OEE stands for better device that’s more energy-efficient because it’s running at steady condition instead of preventing and beginning.

Energy-efficiency and do nice packaging product allows for sustainability. Making less scrap also means more quality. The result is to get more benefit. This kind of convergence can increase productivity from the whole past the individual programs. Besides, horizontal stretch wrapper software convergence can easily enable many facets of lean manufacturing initiatives.