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Energy Saving Tips For Landlords – Keeping Everyone Happy!

It’s probably safe to say that improving energy efficiency doesn’t usually tend to be the number one priority for landlords. With so many responsibilities and duties to attend to, making efforts to reduce energy use and generally improve efficiency of the property usually takes a back seat. Which on the surface appears to be understandable, if it wasn’t for the fact that energy efficiency is becoming one of the most critical decision influencing factors among tenants seeking quality properties.

These days, energy performance certificates represent a legal requirement and must be presented to prospective tenants prior to their signing of the tenancy agreement. If the property has a higher energy efficiency rating, this will mean lower energy bills for the tenants and a higher likelihood that they will sign up.  And of course, if you would prefer to hold onto the tenants you already have, implementing measures that may significantly reduce their energy bills will undoubtedly motivate them to stay.

Energy Saving Tips For Landlords – Keeping Everyone Happy!

So whether you’re managing a nationwide portfolio of properties using elite property management software or are working with your first ever buy-to-let property, here’s a quick rundown of just a few simple yet highly effective energy saving tips:

1 – Lighting

First and foremost, upgrading to incredibly energy efficient LED lighting may have been a rather expensive prospect a few years ago – today it’s quite to the contrary. An extraordinary array of new brands have launched are an endless array of LED lights and lighting fixtures, the likes of which are comprehensively affordable across the board. Simply switching one or two bulbs to LEDs may not add up to the biggest difference, but to swap each and every bulb across the property in its entirety most certainly will. What’s more, LED bulbs will probably last the entirety of the current tenancy, perhaps even the next two or three.

2 – Heating System Insulation

In older properties in particular, failing to insulate the heating system in general can lead to significant heat loss and higher energy bills. Insulating the pipe work around the property is by far one of the easiest and most effective methods for ensuring that as little heat is unnecessarily lost as possible. It’s a simple DIY job that can be completed in no time and is guaranteed to make a significant difference long-term.

3 – Check The Water Heater

In many rental properties, the tenants themselves are not given access to the water heater. Or it may simply be a case that the tenancy agreement requests that the water heater not be tampered with – in any case, you have full control over the temperature of the water. The simple fact of the matter is that there is absolutely no sense in setting the temperature of the water heater so high that the water it produces is too hot to be of any real use – perhaps even dangerous.

4 – Water-Saving Features

For tenants living in properties where water is measured in accordance with how much is used, the importance of installing water saving features is total.  Simply by adding water-saving accessories to the taps and the shower, you’ll make an enormous difference to how much water is used on a day to day basis.  You might also want to think about installing a modern water saving toilet, which has the potential to reduce daily water use by literally hundreds of litres.

5 – Appliance Checks

Never fall into the trap of assuming that to provide any given appliances or electrical devices for the tenants to use necessarily represents generosity on your part. In reality, if the appliances you leave in the property are borderline ancient and have a tendency to drink up electricity like it was free, you are in fact doing your tenants a real disservice. There’s nothing to say that you absolutely have to provide appliances and convenience for your tenants to use.  But if you do, you should at least make sure that they are of decent quality.

6 – Energy Providers

Last but not least, it’s never been easier to head onto the Internet and in the space of a couple of minutes find out whether or not you could be getting a better deal on your energy bills with a different provider. More often than not, energy providers will stop at nothing to win new business and will usually offer the kinds of deals that go far above and beyond your current contract. It takes no time to find out and could save both you and your tenants a small fortune.

5 Ideas To Implement To Convert Empty Wine Bottle Into Top Bottle Crafts

Rather than throwing out all old wine bottles, the wine you can quickly redesign the wine bottles into an attractive crafts bottles.  The glass containers is a whole enormous of versatile than you may imagine.   Of course, they can quickly turn into practical components where you use in your daily life otherwise; you can also make a beautiful ornament which brightens up your expensive home.   Now, let the craft ideas below will surely inspire you to obtain more creative ideas along with extra wine bottles.  Before you prepare to do bottle crafts, it is important for you to buy the Best bottle cutter to cut the bottle in the proper shape.

The wine bottles come in various shapes, sizes and also hues as well as those different qualities do them such as versatile objectives as it comes to an upcycling or else repurposing.  Of course, you can also make a search over the online Glass bottle cutter which aids you to cut the glass in the ideal shape you wish.  No matter whether you can do this jar crafts either by making the team with friends or else you can individually do at your home.  The only thing you need to keep in your mind is to choose the best Beer bottle cutter to slice out your required shapes in the wine bottle.

Ideas to decorate with Wine Bottles

An empty wine bottle creates a large vase otherwise decoration part of its own, hence here are some of the wonderful ideas and tips for making bottle crafts by yourself.

  • Make Tumblers

You can create your individual’s customized glasses by cutting off the top divisions of the cylinders.  Besides, you need to make use of the proper Wine bottle cutter to cut your bottle.  Simply ensure to accurately sand it down hence that the edge is ideally smooth as well as never results in any lip injuries.

  • Rustic Chandelier

It is the type of project where many people show their interest to do. If you wish to enter thing to be uniform as well as neat and then you can make use of a same kind of bottles, however, it is recommended for you to mix and match styles of various shapes & colors.

  • Ribbon Wrapping

Other creative ideas to make use of empty glass bottle is you can do ribbon wrapping.   It is one of the wonderful ideas for you, and you need just to take a ribbon and wrap on the empty bottle.

  • Decoupage

It is one of the simple and easy projects as well as you see how attractive it seems.   Everybody loves this map idea specifically for unique gifts for loved ones.

  • Wrapped in Twine

It is also one of the highly attractive projects to make use due to we simply love rustic, raw, nautical charm which it brings. It is easy and also wrapping your bottles along with twine and adding little glue along the way. Learn how to cut a glass bottle.

Hence, it is highly significant for you to use Bottle cutter to cut your wine bottles securely and safely to obtain unique shapes.